Character Education Focus:


  • Be respectful by making eye contact with whomever you are speaking to
  • Be supportive of and encourage your classmates; give “put-ups” not put-downs
  • Be polite and show interest in others by asking questions
  • Be respectful of other students’ comments, opinions, or ideas
  • Be spontaneous by surprising others with random acts of kindness
  • Be thoughtful and greet others by their name and with a smile
  • Respect others’ privacy
  • Be respectful when meeting new people, shake hands, repeat their names
  • Be polite when you receive something, be gracious and always say thank you
  • Be considerate and only take your fair share
  • Be courteous and hold the door for people rather than let it close on them


  • Be responsible, complete your homework every day, and communicate with your teacher if you need support or if there is an issue
  • Be efficient, swift, and quiet with classroom transitions
  • Be positive when homework is assigned – take this as an opportunity to learn!
  • Be consistent and be your best in all classrooms and for all teachers
  • Be self-motivated, work hard, and don’t expect or ask for a reward
  • Be aware and follow along when others are reading or responding in class
  • Be thorough and answer all written questions with a complete sentence
  • Be responsible, write down your homework every day, and make sure you understand what you have to do before you leave school
  • Be mindful, learn from your mistakes and move on
  • Be actively engaged in your own learning
  • Be honest, no matter the circumstances
  • Be the best person you can be


  • Be polite and cover your mouth when you cough and cover your nose when you sneeze, say excuse me
  • Be safe, stay seated, and always face forward on the bus
  • Be courageous - let an adult know if you or others are being bullied
  • Walk through the halls and in the buildings
  • Stay quiet to listen for directions during emergency procedures


  • Show good sportsmanship by being a gracious winner and loser
  • Be mindful and show positive body language and use positive gestures, be welcoming and invite others to participate in activities
  • Be proactive, if someone bumps into you say excuse me even if it wasn’t your fault; if someone drops something and you are close by, pick it up for them
  • Be a role model for others
  • Be principled and respectfully stand up for what you believe in
  • Be a change agent

Playground Safety Rules

  • Play tag on the grass area only
  • Jumping off the top of the play structure is not permitted
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Wrestling or play fighting is not permitted anywhere on campus
  • Don't play with or pick up the tanbark.

Dress Code Guidelines

Objective: To promote a professional and respectful learning environment.

Calaveras Elementary School promotes a campus environment where students’ appearance and behavior support a positive learning environment. Students are required to follow the dress code and to dress and groom themselves as individuals with a sense of responsibility and self-respect. The school staff recognizes legal rights to freedom of expression while requiring student appearance that does not disrupt the educational process and atmosphere.

Clothing that is offensive, threatening, provocative, vulgar, displays tobacco, alcohol or drug advertising, or displays profanity, racial slurs, or has images of gang-related symbols is disruptive to the educational process and may not be worn.

Acceptable Appearance Includes:

  • Shoes and shirts for safety reasons
  • Tops that have straps (at least two inches thick)
  • Clothing that is appropriate for the educational activities required without endangering students’ health, safety or welfare.

Inappropriate Appearance:

Students dressed inappropriately will be asked to modify their attire to fit the Calaveras Elementary School Dress code, to put on a borrowed shirt, or request a change of clothing from home. The following are not allowed to be worn:

  • Garments that expose a bare midriff or torso.
  • Short shorts, very short skirts (shorts).
  • Garments that reveal unusually large amounts of bare skin or underclothing.
  • Strapless tube tops are not allowed.
  • No exposed underwear of any kind is permitted.
  • Obscene, vulgar, or other inappropriate words or graphics on clothing, buttons, backpacks, binders, and/or other items.
  • Drug, alcohol, or tobacco-related logos, slogans, brand names, or references
  • Beach wear, swimming attire, or clothing generally considered sleeping attire.
  • Pants worn in a sagging manner (below the hips).
  • Ripped or torn clothing.

Violations may result in parent notification and a warning.


Lice Eng.doc.pdf
Lice Spanish.doc.pdf

Procedure for Electronics:

Objective: To promote a professional, respectful, and effective learning environment.

All personal electronic devices are to be turned off and put away prior to entering the campus and the classroom. Devices are not to be used outside in common areas nor in the classroom (unless authorized by teacher). If the device is used or turned on during instructional time, it will be asked to be turned off.

Phones can be used for academic purposes in the classroom with permission from the teacher.

Phones will not be allowed out during recess and lunch.