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Kindness Week is Jan 27th to Jan 31st

Manners Monday - Mismatch Day Use your best manners. Hold the door for someone. Say “please” “thank you,” and “excuse me” Use good table manners. Raise your hand, pay attention, listen to your teacher.

Thank-you Tuesday - Dream of Kindness - Wear Yellow or Orange Who deserves a thank-you for helping you? Write thank-you notes to teachers, aides, Lunch ladies, office staff, yard duties, librarian etc. and give them to them.

Wonderful Wednesday -- Brighten someone’s Day --- Wear Blue or Green Keep our school clean. Help our custodians by picking up garbage and keep the school clean.

Thoughtful Thursday -Wear Red, White and Blue Do something to make someone feel good! Draw a picture for someone in your family, friend or teacher. Friendship Friday - Western Day Make a new friend today! Talk to someone you don’t know very well. Include everyone!

Calaveras School has been selected as a 2019-2020 Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools nominee!

•Through the National Showcase Schools™ awards, the Flippen Group recognizes and celebrates schools that go the extra mile each day, creating the socio-emotional safety on school campuses that is conducive to learning.

• 261 of U.S. school campuses have been selected as 2019-2020 Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School® Nominees.

Flippen Group founder, Flip Flippen, began teaching Capturing Kids’ Hearts® processes to schools in 1990.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts® is an immersive, participatory experience where teachers, staff, and administrators learn and practice skills they will use and model in their classrooms, schools, and districts.

• The Flippen Group is a national professional development provider operating on principles that research clearly demonstrates – that students are most likely to succeed when they are emotionally safe and able to reconnect with their natural curiosity.

• Flippen Group processes, such as Capturing Kids’ Hearts®, provide educators the skills they need to change the trajectory of students’ lives.

• Campuses implementing Capturing Kids’ Hearts® processes consistently report increases in academic improvement and reductions. “Discipline problems nearly non-existent,” and “academic achievement constantly improving,” are common feedback.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School® Nominees are evaluated and selected based on survey and performance data from administrators, teachers, staff and students.

Academic Achievement

Calaveras school has seen steady gains in academics on state tests in Mathematics, Language arts, and English Language Proficiency. Last year we reclassified 47 students! Since we are a T/K-8th grade school one of our biggest charges is to prepare our students for high school. Calaveras 8th graders beat the state average in mathematics of 39.73%. Our 8th graders achieved at 60% in mathematics. We saw gains in English Language Arts but still have work to do to meet and exceed the state average of 50.87%. Our 8th grade students achieved at 44.44%. Calaveras and the Accelerated Achievement Academy (AAA) work closely together and about 30% of the students at the AAA are former Calaveras students. They are invited to attend the AAA because of their high academic achievement and excellent citizenship. At Calaveras we know we still have work to do so that all students can reach their highest potential. We are a dedicated staff with a growth mindset and caring hearts.


The Calaveras School Community mission is to enlighten, engage and educate all learners in a safe and nurturing environment so they will be successful thinkers and contributors to society. This will be accomplished through research-based instruction, family participation and a partnership with the community.


To prepare each of our students for future success.


Our school district is an extraordinary learning community.

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The Hollister School District prohibits, at any district school or school activity, discrimination, harassment, including sexual harassment, intimidation, and bullying, based on actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, nationality, national origin, immigration status, ethnic group identification, ethnicity, age, religion, marital status, pregnancy, parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, or genetic information, or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. This shall apply when applicable, to interns, volunteers, and job applicants. For questions, concerns or complaints, please contact Equity/Title IX Compliance Officer: Kip Ward; 2690 Cienega Road, Hollister, CA 95023; (831) 630-6300 ext. 322